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flat white - just be.

A minimalist, sustainable and high-quality collection of Japanese acetate frames.

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About flat white

The flat white brand embodies the reduction to the essentials - a brand without frills, with more being than appearance. All attention goes into the product. Flat white has its origins in the charged Shibuya district in Tokyo. Just by standing there, you will be overwhelmed by colorful advertising, neon signs, lights and tireless new impressions. In such a situation, we immediately long for a retreat that hides all of this from us. The power and clarity of flat white arises from the reduction to the essentials, from the omission of everything superfluous. That also means that the details become more important. High-quality materials and craftsmanship are in the foreground.


Flat white stands for the highest quality. Therefore, only the best is good enough when it comes to manufacturing. We only use finely stored acetate from Japan - the best in the world! The material then passes into the hands of experienced craftsmen, who create the frames with the help of years of experience and special techniques. A quality that you can feel with every fingertip.



The flat white collection is characterized by clear structures and pleasant shapes that create calmness and relaxation. The design creates an atmosphere of well-being and loving balance. Cosmopolitan design meets lovely details.

Where to buy

The flat white collection is available exclusively from selected independent opticians. This way, you not only get an exceptional frame, but also outstanding service.

Contact us

flat white c/o ONIC GmbH
z.Hd. Adrian Marwitz
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Phone: +49-89-215-279-955
Mail: hello@flatwhite-eyewear.com

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